My CV/Contact


Main interests are embedded systems, both software and hardware.

I started at the age of 7 experimenting with electronics. Built my first crystal receiver when I was 8. Designed and built my first processor board at 13, started to teach a group of (adult) people about microprocessors at the age of 14. Was hired to make educational software for schools when I was 15, and started as a professional software engineer at the age of 19 (company DPC, see below). I have since then been working with processors, programming and electronics for 37+ years, both professionally and private.

Present position

Professional career


Born: 1966

Nationality: Danish

Languages: Danish, English and German



January  2022 : Flexsense ApS

Development of remote telemetry devices, based on Cortex M3/4/7 and LTE/NB-IoT technologies. Designing both software and hardware (as well as mechanical design) for a super flexible platform that spans multiple different architectures. 

May 2004 : Flextrack/Care4All (17 years and 7 months)

Design of embedded hardware and software for GSM / GPRS / LTE and GPS technology tracking devices. Systems based on ARM7/Cortex M3/M4/M7 processors. Responsible for design and implementation of Flextracks extremely flexible and portable platform for tracking systems. More info at

Feb 2000  : Logic IO ApS.  (4 years, 3 months) Developer SW/HW

Design of DSP systems based on Texas Instruments C6 family of DSP processors, design and implementation of embedded hardware and software, telemetry systems based on GSM and GPRS technology. Large GUI development (IDE) programs developed in Microsoft Visual C++, communication protocols etc.,  ARM7 and ARM9 based designs, both hardware and software. 

June 1995- : Kjærgaard el & industri automatik A/S. (4 years, 8 months) Developer SW/HW

Design/development of Hard real-time systems, multiple/parallel DSP Systems for machine vision systems.

Designing with Xilinx and Altera Complex PLD and 100.000+ Gates FPGA. Developed many embedded systems based on various micro controllers. Software development on PC systems, OS/2, Win NT and

DOS, and DSP software development on a range of Texas Instruments DSP’s. Design and implementation of a dual TMS320C6x01 PCI board with expansion sites. Design and implementation of a TMS320C31 DSP

standalone controller with 2 x 5 Mbps ArcNet, I/O, PID Servo controller etc. Design and implementation of High-speed Frame grabbers for Digital cameras for TMS3230C6x board, Fiber comm. Boards etc.

December 1986- : ESCON Electronics A/S. (8 years, 6 months) Developer,  SW/HW

Development of large plant floor applications and data acquisition systems (IBM DAE). Worked with a lot of different soft- and hardware platforms, including CPM, DOS, OS/2, and different real-time Operating Systems for microprocessors. Worked on large Oracle based database systems. Design and implementation of Embedded controllers based on V20 Processors and graphical user interface. Development of fast servo control systems.

August 1985- : Danish Process Control A/S. (16 months) Developer,  SW/HW

Responsible for hard- and software development on a large SCADA system for all the oil-rigs in the Danish part of the North Sea.

System was based on radio communication between the rigs. Developed micro controller based RTU’s for data acquisition and control purposes. Development of floating Master/Slave communication systems (radio based).


Developer/Technical Manager, Embedded systems (Flexsense ApS)

AAU Cubesat

In 2003 I had the pleasure of helping the students at Aalborg University  ( contacting their new Satellite using my homemade 8 meter parabolic dish. The signals received from the satellite at the university's own ground station was too weak to decode, my 8 meter homebuilt parabolic dish was then put into operation on the specified frequency autonomously  tracking the satellite, and we managed to get in contact with the satellite !

Partial list of courses/seminars I have attended in the past:

1985 : AMD, Bit slice computers, '2900 series (those were the days :o)

1985 : National Semiconductors, 32000 series processors

1986 : Allen Bradley, PLC programming

1989 : IBM, Database II, design/programming

1990 : IBM, DAE/Plantworks

1991 : Quality control, ISO-900x

1993 : Oracle Database, Performance tuning

1994 : Oracle Database, System administration

1994 : C++ course, 4 months

1995 : Altera, FPGA design

1997 : Texas Instruments, C6x family Workshop, Sweden

1997 : ICSPAT/DSPWorld conference, San Diego, USA

1997 : AND, Holographic Neural Networks seminar, The Pentagon, USA, Co-speaker on Advanced Parallel

       DSP systems

1997 : Host for Texas Instruments C6x family Workshop

1998 : VHDL Course, Xilinx tools

1998 : Unitrode, switchmode powersupply design course

1998 : ICSPAT/DSPWorld conference, Toronto, Canada

1998 : C++/Microsoft MFC Class library course, Learning Tree

1998 : VHDL Course

2000 : DSP Fest 2000 at Texas Instruments, Houston, as a 3rd Party Company

2001 : Altera FPGA seminar, Embedded Processor Cores

2001 : Analog/Mixed Signal Seminar, National Instruments

+ a large number of (smaller) technical seminars and courses in the last 20 years..

Tools/technologies used

Programming languages:

C, C++, C#, PASCAL, MODULA II, PLM, JAVA and others.

Assembly language for various processors

Programmed for operating systems:

All the way from CPM 2.2, CPM 3.0, DOS, OS/2 1.0 -> 4.0, WIN 95,NT,2000, XP, Win7, Win10, Android etc

Different RTOS for embedded systems


68705, 6809, 8080, 8085, Z80, 8051, and derivatives

808x family, T400,T805 Transputers, Sharc DSP’s

TMS320C25, TMS320C31, TMS320C40, TMS320C44, TMS320C6x01,

TMS320C6x11, Fujitsu F2MC-16LX family, ATMEL ARM7 Family, ATMEL ARM9 Family, NXP (former Philips) ARM7 and Cortex M0/M0+/M3/M4/M7 processors, EnergyMicro Cortex, NXP i.MXRT106x, i.MXRT117x etc

...and probably some that I have forgotten about :-)


Altium Designer, Autodesk Inventor (mechanical CAD), Eagle PCB, Protel CAD system, Board Maker, Altera MaxPlus FPGA design tools, Altera Quartus FPGA design tools, Xilinx Foundation FPGA design tools, Texas Instruments DSP tools, Assembler, C compiler etc. Go-DSP Code composer, Microsoft Visual Studio C++, Microsoft C#, Microsoft Frontpage 98/2000, Fujitsu Softune environment, Lauterbach JTAG Debuggers, Keil uVision, ARM Development tools, Borland JBuilder, Segger Ozone/J-Trace 

...and many more…..